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Professional credential


Luc Alarie graduated in law at the University of Montreal and has been practicing since his admission to the Quebec Bar in 1971. He first joined Me Claude Béland's team as an associate to later form BÉLAND, TRUDEAU, BASTIEN & ALARIE where he practiced until 1975. He then left the firm to start his own practice under the name of ALARIE LEGAULT where he has been practicing ever since.

Fields of expertise

Throughout his career, Luc Alarie has been mainly practicing civil and commercial litigations along with administrative law. While representing numerous clients, Luc Alarie has regularly appeared before civil and administrative courts in the areas of commercial law, civil liability, human rights, insurance and professional liability, labour and employment law. He also possesses impressive experience towards special remedies such as injunction and class action.

Among his achievements, Luc Alarie was a city-councillor. He also has served for over 35 years as a municipal judge while still taking up cases as a lawyer in his private practice ALARIE LEGAULT.

During his career, Luc Alarie has served as a legal councillor for commercial companies. He also has embraced the causes and worked together with liked-minded non-profit organizations promoting individual freedoms such as freedom of conscience and religion and freedom of speech.

Certified arbitrator

Luc Alarie has been an arbitrator in commercial and civil   matters. He is registered under the Montreal Bar's list of retired judges available as arbitrators as well as being a member in good standing of Institut de mediation et d'arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ). His past experience as a municipal judge is a key asset in his functions as an impartial, independent and competent arbitrator.

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